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Inspiring Presenters to Aim Higher
September 2014
It’s now six months since The Presentation Lab: Learn the Formula Behind Powerful Presentations hit the bookshelves so we decided to have a look at the impact it’s making on how people plan, design and deliver their presentations. There are plenty of worthy tomes available to business presenters who want to improve their audience engagement so is The Presentation Lab holding its own out there?.... More
Eyeful Innovation makes an Impact
August 2014
July saw the launch of a whole raft of web updates designed to help business presenters find exactly what they are looking for on our website. Sales Presentations, Technical Presentations, Internal Presentations, Event Presentations and CPD Presentations were all given their own dedicated pages but we’ve seen the most excited responses come for the addition of our Innovation Page.. More
New Web Updates Online Now
July 2014
This month we're excited to be launching a plethora of new pages on our website. We spend so much of our time ensuring that our customers have the very best in business communications it's lovely to take the time to see how we can improve our own. We've added in some great new targeted content and we've given our designers a place to show off their latest innovations... More
Launching our Summer Season of free webinars
June 2014
As one of the top three presentation consultancy and design companies in the world, it's safe to say that we know a thing or two about business presentations. Getting the basics right is important for every presentation, but not all presentations are the same. That's why we're offering a programme of free webinars that get right to the heart of how different types of presentation can benefit from our specialist insights... More
Eyeful makes the grade – twice!
May 2014
Prezi have just published their list of the 'Top 100 Resources Every Presenter Should See' and we're really proud to say that Eyeful Presentations appears twice! Both our blog and The Presentation Lab book made the list, which is a singularly impressive who's who of presentation experts... More
The Presentation Lab Book - now available in the UK and Europe
April 2014
It seems a long time since The Presentation Lab book hit the shelves stateside (where it's already causing quite a stir). The book contains all you need to know to begin creating presentations that have real impact and getting your hands on a UK copy is easy... More
Join us for The Presentation Lab Launch Party
March 2014
31st of March is the official international launch of The Presentation Lab: Learn The Formula Behind Powerful Presentations fondly know by Eyefulites everywhere as The Presentation Lab Book. We will be hosting an online launch event at 16.00 UK time (11.00 EDT / 08.00 PDT) and we'd love you to join us. There'll be plenty of insider information available to attendees and getting your name on the guest list is easy . More
Launching Eyeful Extra
February 2014
Staying at the forefront of presentation consultancy and design isn’t just about producing great presentations; it’s also about giving our customers the best service possible. Our customers make us who we are and Eyeful Extra is our way of thanking them.. More
Eyeful Ireland Visits The Gulf
January 2014
January saw Eyeful Irelands Ronan Kinahan join some big names in Irish business and politics on an Irish trade mission to the Gulf. Ronan hosted a workshop for Emirates on ‘The Science Behind Effective Presentations’. Initially there were to be about 100 attendees but it seems that Ronan’s reputation went before him and registration had to be closed when 400 pilots, engineers and senior managers enrolled... More
Eyeful Does It Again
December 2013
This month we are once again giddy as a kipper to receive recognition for the work we do to make business presentations an invaluable part of the marketing mix with our inclusion in the Recommended Agency Registers Top 100. This list is open to all marketing services agencies outside the M25 and inclusion is based entirely on customer feedback... More
The Little Book of Big Ideas v2.0
November 2013
A while ago we (almost accidentally) produced a non-corporate non-brochure that we called The Little Book of Big Ideas. We had great fun bringing together everything that makes us presentation experts and revealing some of our behind the scenes thinking. What really surprised us was the response the book received from our friends and customers – they loved it, so much so that our stock quickly dwindled and it was time to take on v2.0... More
And The Winner Is….
October 2013
We make no apologies for the number of times we mention just how brilliant our people are. Having the very best presentation designers, coordinators and consultants in one place makes us very proud. Great people creating great presentations and delivering great customer service is what makes us industry leaders in business presentations and we're not the only ones who think so.... More
Autumn Update Webinar
September 2013
This month we're excited to be using our presentation expertise to help our friends and customers get ready for the challenging year-end sales push. On September 30th Simon will be sharing some top tips on converting sales in an autumn update webinar.... More
Join Us At Our First Annual Eyefulapalooza
August 2013
While well known for the serious businesses of producing world leading business presentations we also have a reputation for letting our hair down, so on the 21st of August we'll be flinging open the doors of Eyeful Towers for our first annual Eyefulapalooza. We're bringing the best bits of a school sports day to Desford with Welly Wanging, Egg and Spoon races and other assorted excuses to embrace our inner child…. More
Presentation Whistleblowers Unite...
July 2013
The recent Leaking of NSA presentations has got us scratching our heads here at Eyeful Towers.
‘Poor Presentation causes International Incident’ is not a headline we ever expected to see, yet it’s actually happening…
Online Espionage aside we were wondering just how bad PowerPoint slides can be, and decided it was time to give a voice to all those who have suffered in silence.
So as Edward Snowden continues his search for exile in far flung corners of the globe we’re offering you the opportunity to whistle blow on poor presentation without incurring any airfares.... More
We're having a face(book)lift!
July 2013
Not content with giving our customers excellent sales presentations and stunning PowerPoint slides we've decided to give ourselves a multi media makeover. We've added in some brilliant new web content including Eyeful Labs and Blended Presenting and we're launching our new facebook page with a virtual party!... More

Одним из важнейших аспектов удачного бизнеса является умение преподнести свои услуги самым выгодным и доступным способом. Хорошая и наглядная бизнес-презентация – основной залог профессионального процветания и успеха, в то время как плохая и некачественная способна загубить дело на корню.

Презентация – это лицо вашего бизнеса. Она должна быть построена так, чтобы было понятно, что вы предлагаете и каким образом это можно приобрести. Кроме того, ваш продукт или услуга должны запоминаться и выгодно отличаться от множества других, иначе результат продаж может оказаться весьма плачевным.

Eyeful Presentations уже восемь лет производит высококачественные презентации для компаний по всему миру. Мы очень гордимся, что теперь и российские компании смогут воспользоваться нашими услугами. Наша цель – дать возможность каждому выделиться на рынке, за счет наших презентаций.

Мы создаем презентации, имеющие превосходный дизайн, убедительное и, что самое главное, запоминающееся содержание. Каждая презентация имеет свою конкретную цель – продать или продвинуть продукт, сервис или решение. Поэтому основная наша задача - показать, почему именно ваше предложение является самым лучшим на перенасыщенном рынке бизнеса.

Для создания презентаций мы используем качественную и проверенную методику Presentation Optimization. Наша команда состоит только из компетентных профессионалов. А ценовая политика полностью прозрачна и доступна как для крупного бизнеса, так и для малых предпринимателей, поэтому практически каждый может воспользоваться нашими услугами по созданию высокоэффективных презентаций. Eyeful Presentations создает презентации, которые работают на продажи и развитие Вашего бизнеса.

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